C&f Mortgages UK

For contractors and freelancers, acquiring a mortgage at a reasonable rate has traditionally been a frustrating, time-consuming process. Contractor Mortgages® has changed that! This bold move has led to us being the preferred choice for thousands of self-employed mortgagees across the UK. Set up by a team of ex-freelancers, we know the difficulty of securing a competitive mortgage when you have an irregular source of income or a lack of trading history. Regardless of your employment status, we guarantee that we'll find you the best mortgage deal on the market, often with a mainstream lender.

And it will be a competitive mortgage, based solely on your contract rate. We've negotiated realistic rates with several high street mortgage lenders, lenders willing to provide competitive mortgages to contractors and freelancers. They (now) understand how to properly assess your relevant earnings in order to provide accessible, affordable financing. That has always been the problem.