Cherry Mortgages

WELCOME - to a world of information for those interested in living as near a zero carbon lifestyle as is possible, as affordably as possible in a modern cave for modern cavemen. POLITICS - Politicians want you to keep working to pay for overpriced property and transport. The longer you work the more they can tax you. The higher the price of petrol and mortgage repayments and the more deadwood in society your toil is supporting - such as civil servants and bankers in plum jobs for life. Take a look at cherry thinking and tell them where they can stick their plums.

AFFORDABILITY - is a relative term. We want to share some ideas with you as to how to get onto the property ladder by joining forces with other like minded persons in your area to get sensibly priced housing built locally. VIEWPOINT - we have to change the way we look at houses. Property developers don't see a house as a home, they see a house as a way to make shareholders a profit supported by banks who want to sell you money.