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We sometimes get asked ‘what is a mortgage broker’ ‘which mortgage broker is best for me’ or ‘what does a mortgage broker do’ so here we put it into our own words:

At Mortgage Advice UK we believe a mortgage broker is more than just someone who finds the right mortgage for you. We take time to understand a client’s current situation, their needs and goals and we help you achieve them by offering sound advice that is clear, fair and factual.

We will work with clients to ensure that the process of financing a property is as smooth a transaction as possible. We will advise which mortgage is most suitable for you by offering mortgage advice on over 12,000 mortgages from over 90 lenders and will liaise with all of the parties involved in the transaction to ensure you can exchange and complete within agreed timescales.

Which mortgage broker? – A good mortgage broker not only advises on the mortgage but also looks at ways to protect your home or investment.

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