NSP Financial Services

Have you a Spanish mortgage you can't pay? Back in the boom years you were probably sold a bit of a "dream". Some unscrupulous agent collecting commissions and getting kick backs from their bank manager too. But for far too many people, the Spanish property dream has turned into the Spanish Property Nightmare. Your not alone! But what if some of the damage you did by buying that property could be reduced, and you could get out of your Spanish property trap? So what about Spanish mortgages?

Back in the Go Go years starting about 2001 everyone was so positive and making money, not all paperwork related to your Spanish mortgage or Hipoteca was done correctly. Many of the major Spanish banks and Cajas made not just one, but several fundamental errors specific to Non Resident Mortgages, putting them legally on very shaky ground. There were things that had to be done under Spanish law in the case of lending to Non Residents of Spain.