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NEVER try to disable the fire alarm system by removing or covering detectors, disabling the electricity supply or removing batteries. This is very dangerous and you will be charged for repairs.

Ventilating rooms by opening windows and using any vents provided. Wiping away condensation. Heating rooms. Open blinds to warm rooms with sunlight. Please try and avoid drying clothes inside properties if a drying area is provided outside. Alternatively ensure the drying area is well ventilated. Drying clothes inside can lead to mould problems. Keep cupboards and bedrooms uncluttered and well ventilated. These measures need to be observed on a daily basis particularly during the winter months. Where mould has built up on surfaces due to ignoring this advice you may incur a charge for redecoration.

Leave the shower door open after showering. Open a window and/or use the overhead extractor fan. For internal bathrooms leave the bathroom door open.